WATCH: CPPO Symposium 2020: How Will Canada's Challenger Banks Accelerate in 2020 and Beyond

Moderator: Michelle Beyo - CEO & Founder, Finavator
Speakers: Saud Aziz (Revolut), Michael Fox (Koho), Kartik Kamat (EQ Bank), Miro Pavletic (STACK), Hannah Zaidi (Wealthsimple)

How is the journey to become a digital-only bank going for Canada’s challenger banks? Hear directly from the senior leadership at Canada’s top challenger banks as they answer questions about regulatory challenges, their latest innovations and how Covid-19 is affecting their growth and outlook.

Moderator Michelle Beyo directs a lively conversation on the future for challenger banks in Canada at this year's CPPO Prepaid Symposium.

How Will Canadas Challenger Banks Accelerate in 2021 and Beyond

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